Featured Image for WATCH: US high schoolers get pepper-sprayed during class, deeply regret their decision

WATCH: US high schoolers get pepper-sprayed during class, deeply regret their decision

Except they weren’t on the wrong side of the law. No, THEY VOLUNTEERED.

A group of high-schoolers at Barberton High School in Ohio were taking part in a Criminal Science Technology class when they were sprayed.

Superintendent for the school district Patti Clearly told BuzzFeed News that the students were, “subjected to a small amount of pepper spray for a brief period of time”. In the footage originally posted to the Blue Lives Matter website, the officer moves along the line of students repeating the exercise.

In order to participate, both students and their parents were required to sign a waiver. Those that gained permission, found themselves up against a wall where their teacher, who is a former police chief, sprayed them. While some managed to hold in the pain for some time, they were eventually brought to their knees.


It was part of a program for students keen to join the military or become a police officer.

Melody Steinhour filmed the video and offered some insight into the rationale behind it all:

“The philosophy is if you’re going to carry pepper spray, or you’re going to carry a Taser, and use it as a weapon, you need to know what it feels like before you inflict that pain on someone else.”

Makes sense…I guess.

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