Guy nails world’s first skydive using a mega-drone

Imagine using a drone to carry you into the air, then letting go. Yeah, it’s just been done.

Latvia-based company Aerones has just completed the world’s first skydive using their 28-propeller drone.

Obviously this drone isn’t your average backyard toy. This drone is a massive machine which can carry the weight of a human. More specifically, the drone held the weight of skydiver Ingus Augstkalns.

The idea was Augstkalns’ own. He used the height of a 120-metre communications tower to get him high enough to begin his jump, then held onto handlebars attached to the drone and flew himself into a safe zone to let go.

He then began to fall straight towards the earth… but don’t worry, he didn’t forget to release his parachute.

This experiment heralds a new era of rescue technology. Aerones plans to use drones in future rescue operations including fire fighting, search parties, and hey, even some sporting broadcasts.

Via New York Post

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