Featured Image for A truck full of slime eels overturned on a highway, causing the most revolting road closure ever

A truck full of slime eels overturned on a highway, causing the most revolting road closure ever

This disturbing highway accident is the most horrifying thing we’ve seen all year.

Slime is a big part of our happiest childhood memories – celebs being slimed at the Kids Choice Awards, squishing your fingers into slimey farting putty, and even making slime in primary science. Slime is super fun, right?

It’s actually the most disgusting thing in the world when it’s being secreted from hundreds of hagfish, also known as slime eels. When held by the tail, the hagfish will secrete milky, slime-like mucous from the glands or “invaginations” that run along their flanks. The slime being expelled from the body works as a defence against predators by clogging the gills of an attacker.

So, you can imagine the mess that was made when a truck carrying 3,500 kg of hagfish was involved in a high-speed accident when traffic halted abruptly. The truck ended up flipping over and the hundreds of eels were flung from the vehicle and ended up on US Highway 101 in Oregon.

Fortunately, no humans were injured in the crash, although the hagfish were definitely killed. In fairness, their fate was inevitable as they were en route to Korea, where the animal is considered a delicacy. Cars also sustained a few dents and a lot of slime.

The clean up of the accident was fairly simple, if utterly revolting. Depoe Bay Fire District, Oregon posted to Twitter about the accident, with an image of the workers hosing the highway clean of slime. Hopefully the surrounding shrubbery and wildlife will be thankful for the nutrients.

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