Nicole Kidman completely botches her attempts to explain THAT KISS with Alexander Skarsgard

Often, there isn’t always a right way to smooth a situation over. However usually, there’s a wrong one. And this might be it.

Nicole Kidman – who you probably recall from BMX Bandits – caught the attention of social media at this year’s Emmys ceremony, after she won ‘Best Actress’ for her role in Big little lies.

Celebrating the announcement with those close to her, she then kissed her co-star from the show, Alexander Skarsgard, while her husband Keith Urban watched on.

Yet having been prompted, Kidman attempted to clear the moment up while appearing on the Graham Norton show.


She reiterated that she had already kissed Urban, and then explained her next act in the smoothest manner possible.

“You’ve got to understand, I did everything with Alex.”

At which point, Norton jumped in.

“We saw it!”

After accidentally making the interview more painful for herself by saying Skarsgard was “like a mannequin”, Kidman eventually gave up.

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